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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “the Fire Alarm is making noise, what do I do?”
A: first you need to determine whether it is an alarm or not. If the devices that are high up on the wall (they’re called hornstrobes/strobes) are sounding/flashing, then your system is in alarm. If this is happening and there is no fire and you want it to stop, simply contact your Fire Alarm company to let them know it was a false alarm. Then open the Fire Alarm Panel (the big red box) and press Silence/acknowledge and then reset, this should put the panel back to normal. If the panel goes back into alarm, then press silence/acknowledge ONLY and contact your Fire Alarm company again and request service and leave the panel alone until the Fire Alarm technicians arrive.
If your (Horn strobes/Strobes) are not sounding/flashing and the PANEL is making sounds this means, there is a trouble on the Fire Alarm System. ONLY press Silence/Acknowledge and contact your Fire Alarm company to request service.

Q: “What is an inspection and why do I need it?”
A: An inspection is when your Fire Alarm company tests your Fire Alarm system and all its devices to make sure everything is working properly or up to code. Inspections are done on the same month, once every year. When we finish testing, and determine something is not working properly or not up to code then we will alert you of what needs to be done and we will not provide certification for your system until these issues are resolved. When we finish testing, and determine that everything is working properly and up to code then we provide you with certification (Inspections forms and a tag on the panel). These certifications, along with a working system, are things an inspector from the city want to see if they ever visit your location. If they ask for these things and do not receive them then you may receive a violation/fine. You pay us for your yearly inspection and any services that follow.

Q: “What is monitoring and when do I pay for it?”
A: Monitoring is when your Fire Alarm company connects phone lines or a cellular radio to your Fire Alarm system so that when there is a fire or a trouble on the system, your Fire Alarm company and the fire department is alerted. You pay your monthly monitoring fee every three months.

Q: “Is my System monitored?”
A: Only if you signed a monitoring agreement, your system is equipped for monitoring through phone lines or a radio, and you are paying us a monthly monitoring fee.

Q: “Do you guys Service/install fire extinguishers, sprinklers, or hood systems?”
A: No, we do not, however we are partnered with companies that can perform services on those things, just ask us!

Q: “I received a violation from the city, what do I do?”
A: First determine if the violation has anything to do with the Fire Alarm System. If it does then send us a copy of your violation so that we can figure out the next step towards fixing the problem.

Q: Does having a Fire Alarm System affect my insurance
A: Yes, please take a look at the PDF form attached.


license # 837493759
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