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Payment Processing Information

Comprehensive Fire Alarms & Security Sys.

We at CFA truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you on your fire alarm & security needs. Now that we have delivered, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide a detailed invoice payment processing method for your convenience.

Payment will be due 30 NET days of service completed or as discussed per client.

We offer several convenient ways to pay, including these payment methods:

How to Pay with Check

Paying with check:

Please remit all checks to:

Send to:
20200 NW 2nd Ave, Ste 304
Miami Gardens, FL 33169

Please include the invoice number(s) that the payment pertains to.

How to Pay Over the Phone

We here at CFA understand life and things get in the way sometimes of our day-to-day activities. With that, we have also provided the paying over the phone method.

Please call our office
(305) 652-4138 EXT: 0

Through here you will reach our pleasant office manager: Gabriela.

Please have the payment method ready, whether it be debit or credit card. We will ask for the following information:

Card # | Exp Date | CCV| Name of card holder | Billing Address of card

Once everything is finalized please allow 1-2 business days for the payment to process in our system as well as for your financial institution.

How to Pay Online with QUICKBOOKS

Paying online with the QUICKBOOKS:

When customers get their invoice, it will come via email provided to the merchant.

This email contains an attachment of a PDF file for invoice to print and keep for the customers records. As well as provide a link that will allow the customer to view invoice & pay directly from the email.

Customers will receive an email from: COMPREHENSIVE FIRE ALARM & SECURITY SYS.

Via email:

Customers can pay by credit card or with an ACH bank transfer through this link.

Please note:

QuickBooks Payments works best with these web browsers:

Chrome | Firefox | Internet Explorer | Safari

The email should look like this. (See below)

All you would have to do is select the Review and pay Link. (See below)

Once you click the Review and pay Link it will open your specified browser and take you to the payment processing stage. (See below)

Please follow the steps provided

Once completed, you will see the payment processed section. This will allow you to download a paid receipt for the invoice. (See below)

Now that your payment is complete, your merchant will receive immediate notification and the payment will be applied accordingly.


license # 837493759
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